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I am no gourmet chef and do not like following recipes, but my passion for food has led me to create this blog. My culinary school is my kitchen and my family and friends my guinea pigs. My husband came home one day to find me anxious, at once he took me to the supermarket to shop for random ingredients. He was right, as soon I smelt the garlic and onion being fried in oil, all my troubles disappeared.

Some people may indulge in retail therapy, but for me “cooking therapy” works like a charm. In short, cooking is  an art, a creation for discerning palates, a canvas of versatile taste, a brush of flavouring, an easel of sweet and savoury choices, a patina of spices. Each order an experience par excellence.

My earliest memory of cooking was baking brownies from a mickey mouse cookbook. Ever since then, I have seen my mother cook up a storm and now my mother in law. In short, I am at no loss for inspiration.

It has been a year that I have been contemplating starting a food blog and now I have finally gotten down to it. Finding a name was not an easy task, but my best friend, who happens to be a literature teacher came to the rescue. Finally, the blog was born.

I hope you enjoy your time here in ChatteringKitchen.

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  • to all youngsters at chatteringkitchen, its always better to cook up a storm in the kitchen, (than in other peoples lives!!!! ) the results and advantages not only delicious but very rewarding and satisfying. keep going mimi laaav u

  • Farheen Shah – Khan

    a great thought – food is indeed a way to not just a man’s heart but also a woman…..i am so not a kitchen person but love hogging on to quality food…cheers!!!

  • Seema latif

    So true lubbi. Let’s try and make this world a more delicious placeafterall, you are what you eat!!

  • agha faisal

    Counsellor, culinary artist, media and now writer ! Wow !

    • seema latif

      I know.. talk about multi tasking and being good a all 🙂 Maybe she is the Master of all trades and Jack of none…

  • Zari Faisal

    So proud of you Mimi!!!! Chattering kitchen it indeed is…some of the best years of my live have been spent with you chattering away in your kitchen…I am coming over soon and you can cook up a storm for me…28th street Pizza!!!!!:)!

  • seema latif

    Zari, wait for me to get here, I love pizzas…i want the entire recipe shared. Mimi I know you do a really mean pizza. ive eaten it often but now you have to share the recipe with us bloggers. 🙂

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