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Breakfast: Eggs with a twist-cooked to perfection

Imagine waking up to the sight of the azure ocean, sound of birds chirping and the smell of freshly baked bread. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? It actually was. Mauritius, as it is rightly known, is paradise on earth, with its clear blue waters and pure white sand. You could just lie there and soak in the atmosphere. But the best part was its food. Each morsel was like a burst of flavors in my mouth.

We stayed at the Four Seasons, Anahita, a relatively new resort that exceeded all expectations. I could go on and on about their food, but I will start with breakfast.

The lavish breakfast buffet consisted of various breads kept cool in the wine cellar, exotic fruits like lychees, pineapples, pink grapefruit, kiwis etc, cold cuts and salads. You could then order endlessly from their ala carte menu.  I opted for the Madagascar Style Eggs Benedict and a cheese platter. My husband chose their Truffle Scrambled Eggs and Multigrain Banana Pancakes. A lot of food for 10 am.

Madagascar Eggs Benedict

The taste of those eggs benedict still lingers in my palette. On a piping hot plate were perfectly poached eggs on a patty of potatoes and crab spiced with paprika, spinach and a dollop of hollandaise sauce. The eggs were not too runny and not to hard either, just right. It was the spiced crab that added the extra oomph factor, better than a piece of muffin bread. A few tips came to mind while I was eating the eggs benedict:

  • When poaching the eggs, make sure you do not over-cook them. There is nothing worse than eating hard yoke.
  • Avoid using bread which is too thick, that will completely overpower the taste of the all the other layers
  • Make sure you pour just enough hollandaise sauce to wet the palette. Most other places that I have eaten at drench the eggs in the sauce, so you only end up tasting the sauce
  • Add an extra oomph factor to enhance the taste, such as crabmeat, caviar, smoked salmon, capers or anything that you may consider fit
  • The trick is to maintain the balance among all your layers, so that you can taste each ingredient individually.

Truffle Scrambled Eggs

The scrambled eggs with the perfect combination of light, fluffy yet creamy enhanced by the presence of generous shavings of truffles. The earthy taste brought on by the addition of the truffles made these simple scrambled eggs par excellence. Truffles are termed “the diamond of the kitchen” by 18th century French gastronome Brillat-Savarin and for good reason.

It seemed to me that it is really about keeping the dish simple and then just adding a dash of surprise to lift it up and etch it in the mind and stomach, of course, of your guest.

Multigrain Banana Pancakes

We had no place left in our stomachs after the eggs, but the aroma of the pancakes forced us to dig our forks in. We were surely in for a surprise yet again. The pancakes just melted in our mouths along with the bananas and butterscotch. The only drawback of us was that because the pancakes were so light we just kept on eating, till not even a crumb was left. All this eating definitely called for a couple of hours in the ocean to prepare us for lunch.

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  • Zain Suharwardy

    The breakfast at the Four Seasons Mauritus was definately the highlight of the day…yummy!!!

  • Yusuf Siddiqui


  • agha faisal

    When are you making the madagascan eggs for us ! How about on the beach for alizeh’s birthday ?

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