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Sundays in Kuala Lumpur: Unwind at Twenty One Tables and Terrace

The balmy autumn wind sweeps across the open terrace, breathtaking views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline catch the eye, feet tapping to the sound of The Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, an aura of calm created by the black and white interiors and feasting on the perfect Sunday fare with chilled cocktails; Sunday afternoons spent at Kuala Lumpur’s chic Twenty One Tables and Terrace is all you need to wind down the weekend. The ideal atmosphere to relax to some good food, drinks and tunes while you get ready to face the week again.

Twenty One Tables and Terrace

Located in the upmarket area of Bangsar, residence of most of Malaysia’s expatriate community, Twenty One Tables and Terrace can be found on the third floor of the Bangsar Shopping Centre. Surrounded by many gourmet eateries, Twenty One Tables has created its own niche with their soothing ambiance yet a very happening vibe. Drawing in people from all walks of life, this is the place to be to enjoy great views of Kuala Lumpur over a nice drink and conversation.

Sunday Celebrations

Greeted by a life size poster of a woman straight out of the bell bottom era, we knew we were in for a treat from the moment we opted to spend our Sunday afternoon here. Paying tribute to the decade that brought us the flower power generation, Twenty One Tables and Terrace dedicates its Sundays to the soul of 60’s music. That is not all, keeping with the norm of Sunday barbecues, there are special burgers and hot dogs on offer.

Twenty One Tables and Terrace

As we walked in the cascading panoramic views welcomed us. The urban contemporary interiors, using contrasting shades of black and white, all whilst throwing in some green foliage brought a sense of homogeneity to the space. White ottomans and chairs paired with stark black tables, pure white tapestry cohabiting with charcoal floors and light from the sun merging with the darkness inside. We could sense the impeccable taste and workmanship of the interior designer who created a space perfect to be enjoyed in the day or at night. The polite host gave us the option of either sitting on the ottomans or on the table.

Twenty One Tables and Terrace

To be able to lounge around and enjoy your afternoon soaking in the views, it is best to opt for a table. The comfortable chairs lure you in to relax and enjoy the afternoon. The smiling waiting staff promptly lay the menus in front of us, while explaining the specials of the day as well as promotions. Sunday is happy hour all day long, all drinks are buy one get one free. But before I diverted my attention to the menu, I had to take a complete tour of the place.

Twenty One Tables and Terrace

The piece de resistance of Twenty One Tables and Terrace is the fountain created in the center. Gushing water complemented with LED lights brought the place alive. It gave it a serene look in the day and a formal yet lively feel at night. As the bar and the dj booth were right next to the fountain, more elements of black dotted this space. Standing here felt as if I had left the terrace and was now at a bar. Simply put, a unique way of playing with space.

Sticking to the Sunday traditions, my husband and I both decided to order burgers. I ordered medium whereas he stuck to his usual medium-well. This is not to discount their vast Pan-Asian menu which comprised of “Rolled Smoked Duck Breast”, “Baked Goat’s Cheese Mousse”, “Wagyu Beef Brisket” and “Seafood Risotto” to name a few, but I was in the mood for comfort food, something to satiate the appetite and the soul.

Juicy Beef Burger at Twenty One Tables and Terrace

The lingering smell of the freshly grilled beef patty awoke my sense, as the waiter placed my plate in front of me.

Juicy Beef Burger at Twenty One Tables and Terrace

My ears were buzzing with the sizzling sounds and my mouth was salivating at the sight of the juices oozing out of the burger. I could see the cheese melt with the heat of the burger patty. With just the right amount of mustard and pickles, the burger was just what the doctor ordered. The perfect Sunday afternoon meal complemented by paprika crusted potato wedges, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Lychee Martini

After the burger it was time to sip on some cocktails and enjoy Jimmy Hendrix and The Doors at their best. My husband ordered a Long Island Iced Tea which literally just had a splash of coca cola and for me it was a Lychee Martini. Normally Lychee Martini’s tend to be very sweet with the taste of the Lychee syrup is very overpowering, but this was just right. Each flavor enunciated itself yet blended well together. Cocktails were aplenty here, from the usual suspects such as the “Cosmopolitans” and “Margaritas” to their signature “Popcorn Martini” and “French Berry Martini”.

Bar at Twenty One Tables and Terrace

As the sunset over the horizon, the sky turned to a pale orange. Sitting across the terrace was the perfect place to be to watch the golden sunset. With nightfall now enveloping the canvas above, we decided to move to the low sofas in front of the fountain and right across from the bar. The music picked up as the night progressed from soothing tunes to foot-tapping beats and so did the sound of chatter. Aura, service, views, food and drinks were impeccable.

Twenty One Tables and Terrace

However Timeout KL has termed Twenty One Tables and Terrace as a hot “nightspot”, but truth be told it was simply incredible during the day too. Hence to get the best of both, it is advisable to go by around 6pm, relax, enjoy the sun, the sunset and then finally Kuala Lumpur by night. As we left the final image of Twenty One Tables and Terrace stuck with us; the brightly lit Petronas Towers as if a million diamonds had burst into the sky.

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