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The Art of Baking: Designer Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

Art; an expression of creativity and a form of passion. Gone are the days when colors splashed over a canvas and pencil shades on paper were just considered art. Today, the canvas takes on different identities, thus encapsulating many creative renditions under the ambit of art. In the culinary realm, food decoration has now become an art. Historically an essential part of many eras, desserts were part of many a royal tea parties. But due to the creative outbursts of many passionate bakers, a simple pound cake or scones will not suffice anymore. It is not just the palate anymore that needs comfort but the eyes too.

Driven by her passion for baking and her desire to articulate her expressions, my aunt has now begun showcasing her culinary gems to the outside world. Baking succulent cakes, moist cupcakes and sugary cookies adorned with imaginative embellishments have made her an instant success. Whether it is your wedding, child’s birthday or simply just wanting to indulge, there is something here for everyone.


A moist cake lathered in icing can make any heart and resolve to eat less sweet melt. Made according to the theme of your choice, these cakes and their jewels are made with the finest ingredients. The first step in placing your order is choosing the flavor of the cake. It can range from vanilla to chocolate to red velvet or simply all of the above.

My Wedding Cake

My own wedding cake was a result of her genius. Each layer was a different flavored cake. You can imagine how good it was as my husband and I only had a single bite, by the time the reception was over, it was all gone. It is the intricacy with which each flower and leaf is made and the perfection and harmony of all its pieces put together that make this cake a showstopper. It is due to her penchant for perfection that she takes her time in preparing and assembling her cakes. The fondant flowers and leaves were made first and then left to dry, the cakes were made another day and the final assembly was on the day of the reception. She incorporated the color of my clothes along with the time of the reception and created a masterpiece. At the end of the day, all that has to be done is to sit with her and express your desires.

Lamborghini Cake

Like the desire of a 50 year old man who wanted a Lamborghini cake to celebrate his half century. If you cant drive it, who says you cant eat it. According to her, this was by far her most thrilling challenge. First to create a scale for the cake, then to incorporate all the components found in the actual car and finally giving it the final touches. It is art at its best, using edible paints to create a mini Lamborghini.

Birthday Cake

An avid tennis player who wants to grow up and become the next Steffi Graff ordered this cake for her birthday. The list of cakes is by no means exhaustive, these are just some of the masterpieces created by meticulously carving sponge cakes, layering them with icing and then using fondant, royal icing and edible paints to create a piece de resistance for your table.


Gaining startling popularity over the last decade, these mini wonders have created a sensation in the world of baking. With outlets dedicated to cupcakes serving up a plethora of flavors with buttercream frosting lining most high streets, children and adults alike are now in awe of the specialty cupcakes.  Designing cupcakes is more hard work as you are dealing with a much smaller space. Mastery over tools such as piping bags, small paintbrushes and various piping tips has to be achieved. And that is not all, a creative mind is a must.

Summer Cupcakes

These lively summer cupcakes are sure to brighten up any day. Beautiful sunflowers with a bumble bee perched on it are perfect for an afternoon tea or a summer birthday party.


Known more fondly as “pupcakes”, these little wonders are a hit among children and dog lovers. Buttercream frosting in different flavors is used to create the shaggy coat of these puppies. So beautiful that you would just rather stare at them, but the emanating aroma of freshly baked cupcakes will not let you resist.

Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas is around the corner, so what better excuse can you have to order these specialty cupcakes. Children and adults are sure to be fighting over who gets their hands on the Santa Claus cupcakes. Order for your own house or as a gift to someone else, the smile these desserts will bring to people’s faces will be priceless.


The term cookies, always conjures up images of chocolate chip cookies, macadamia nut cookies or oatmeal cookies. Somehow sugar cookies never make it to the fore. But not anymore, with these specialty marvels, cookies have now taken a whole new meaning.

Baby Shower Cookies

The moment I saw these cookies, I was in love. Made for my sister, the sheer creativity of these cookies was bedazzling. My favorite were the ones with the literal translation of baby shower. Which ever guest came to see the new baby left with some of these precious cookies in hand.

Sugar Cookies

No holiday or celebration is needed to order cookies. Just placing them in your cookie jar will light up your kitchen. To help you deal with the dreary winter, it will be like spring in your kitchen.

Valentine Cookies

It does not need to be Valentines Day, you can surprise your loved ones with these heart shaped cookies at any time of the year. Carefully crafted to spread the joy of love, these cookies are sure to make anyone’s day.

Baking has now become a craft, you need to be creative, have a steady hand and most importantly be passionate about it to get to this level. Asked about her baking skills, my aunt replies; “Scrumptious cakes and cupcakes with a generous helping of my personal touch. Flavours and icing made according to your theme and requirements. Not just for the young ones but also for those who are young at heart. Delicious array of delicacies straight from a home made oven to your serving table. A must try for those who enjoy the good things in life especially those who like a bit of sweet indulgence”.

If you are the lucky ones who live in London, United Kingdom, you can place your order for these wonders or even collect a group to learn the art of decoration by contacting her through the information given below:

Name: Seema



Facebook: Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies by Seema




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