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Kuala Lumpur Restaurant Guide: Dinner & Jazz at Mezze Lounge

“Surrender your whole being to a note, and gravity disappears…with one chord” – Carlos Santana

A room full of noise, but the only sounds you can hear are the notes of the piano, the chords of the guitar and the tenor in the singer’s voice. Dim lights, wooden ambiance and a mystical atmosphere sets the tone for a Saturday night; we had arrived at a hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur’s night scene – Mezze Lounge and Bistro. Tucked away in the quiet residential area of Medan Damansara, Mezze Lounge exceeds all expectations, its aura transports you to the famous American Jazz lounges of a bygone era, where music was of the essence. A gastronomical experience enriched by the sound of soft, live jazz – that is the true feat of Mezze Lounge.

Mezze Lounge and Bistro

After finishing a short stint at a news channel, I wanted to celebrate and take my husband out to dinner. Without exaggeration, endless hours on the internet were spent searching for the perfect place; a restaurant with a difference. My search ended as soon as I opened the website of Mezze Lounge. Live  jazz music, Italian food and an extensive wine list, set in a cosy environment made the difference. As we walked into the Bistro, we were surely not disappointed, I had made the right choice.

Wine Rack at Mezze Lounge

Divided into two sections, the lower floor is known as Mezze Bistro which serves more as a restaurant, whereas the first floor is turned into a lounge which hosts local and international jazz artists every weekend. We had booked a table at the lounge to soak in the live act. It was the perfect place for a romantic evening out, an after work drink or just to while away the blues of the week. When the website said Mezze Lounge boasts an extensive wine list, they were not just playing up on words. A large wine shelf, packed with bottles from across the world, ran through one side of the room. Upon inspection, it included wine from all the major wine producing nations such as France, Italy, Chile and Argentina to name a few, and also from the new players in this field such as India. If you need any help to choose, they have a resident sommelier to make some recommendations.

Live Jazz Act at Mezze Lounge

Each weekend Mezze Lounge invites a different Jazz act to enthrall its guests. This weekend it was Joni Lynne with the John Dip Silas Trio. A fabulous combination of deep vocals with soft music. She rendered her own versions of My Sweet Valentine and songs belonging to Alicia Keys to name a few. The instrumental renditions performed by the Jazz trio were the ideal accompaniment to dinner. A night made memorable by the sound of the blues.

Calamari Frit

So mesmerized by the music, we nearly forgot to glance at the menu. An extensive menu comprising starter, charcuterie, gourmet pizzas, pastas and burgers. But if you are looking for meat or seafood dishes, you can always order from the Bistro menu. For starters we ordered the calamari frit and flat bread with Mediterranean dips. Cooked to perfection, the calamari was superb. Not overly crusted with batter and seasoned with rock salt, it had an extra oomph factor when eaten together with the sliced red chillies and fried curry leaves.

Flat Bread with Mediterranean Dips

Our second starter was a bit of a disappointment. The two dips with the flat bread were rather tasteless. One seemed like a sweet tomato paste whereas the onion dip had the texture of a condiment rather than a dip. The lasting taste from the onion dip was that of a supermarket pizza seasoning. Nevertheless, the music made up for this bump and it was going to take more than one poor appetizer to dampen our spirits.

Tunisian Pizza

Not realizing the size of the pizzas, we ended up ordering two for our main course. Soon enough it became the curious case of our desire exceeding our appetite. Never seen such a combination before on any menu, I ordered the Tunisian Pizza. It was the classic example of a gourmet pizza. Thin crust with a layer of  tomatoes and couscous embedded in the melted mozzarella cheese topped with sliced lamb merguez, pomegranate seeds and a generous load of rocket leaves. It was Levant on a plate. The lamb and the rocket leaves both have such pungent flavors but somehow they seemed to infuse together to create a culinary explosion. The menu suggests this pizza is spicy, however far from it. But the mild taste of the couscous and cheese along with the strong aroma of the rocket leaves and lamb combined with the sweetness of the pomegranate seeds elevates this gourmet pizza into the hall of fame. It was more than just a pizza, it was a burst of flavors.

Pollo Pizza

Now this should have been denoted as spicy. My husband ordered the Pollo Pizza. Spicy and succulent chicken breast was infused with chopped jalepenos, cherry tomatoes, fiery pesto, enveloped in mozzarella cheese and rocket. Essentially, it could have done without the rocket and basil leaves could have been added to enhance the flavors of the pesto, but no complaints here. The freshness of the pesto mixed with the fiery jalepenos made it a winning combination.

Mezze Lounge and Bistro

Mezze Lounge has given traditional pizzas a whole new meaning. Their unique creations give them an edge over their competitors. After much difficulty we reached the final crumb of pizza, we were full but the sheer flavors kept us from wasting even one bite. From the corner of my eye we could see a large slice of cheesecake on another table, but sadly there was just no extra room. In a way, it will make us come again a second time to try the things we missed in the first go. Mezze Lounge is great value for money, we ended up spending close to RM200 including a bottle of French White Wine.

In the words of Carlos Santana, surrender yourself to great music and let it wash away the woes of the week. Feast to the sound of live melodies at Mezze Lounge

Name: Mezze Lounge and Bistro

Address: No. 132, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490, Kuala Lumpur

Phone Number: 60320950122


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