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Kuala Lumpur Going Out Guide: Happy Hours Around the City

Public houses, more commonly known as pubs, have been a common place to unwind, meet people, chat, gossip and make business deals over a pint, ever since the Middle Ages. After work drinks and sun downers were popularized by the British, where pubs are found at every street corner. Over the years, most casual pubs have undergone major transformations to turn into classy bars. World over, bars have now become a place to go to after a hard days work, tiring day of shopping, just to meet friends or right before dinner. In Malaysia, alcohol is generally on the more expensive side due to duties and as it is a Muslim country. Bars offer happy hours, usually between 4pm-9pm on average and all day on Sunday where customers can take advantage of special deals and reduced prices.

Here is a list of places that offer happy hours, albeit far from exhaustive.

Bukit Bintang


Casual but upscale Italian dining in the heart of Bukit Bintang. Part of the famous Pavillion Mall in Kuala Lumpur, Michelangelo’s can be found amid the bustling strip of bars, restaurants and pubs.

Michelangelo's KL

Take the weight of your heavy shopping off your shoulders and take a seat on the tables set outside. Enjoy the breeze and of course the long happy hours that last from 3pm till 9pm. Here are their specials:

Happy Hours at Michelangelo's KL

Watch the shoppers pass by or gourmands trying to find a nice spot to satiate their appetite. The world and time will just fly by as you sit and sip on the drink of your choice at Michelangelo’s.

Happy Hours at Michelangelo's KL

While at Michelangelo’s you must try the Angelo’s Antipasti, the perfect salad with all the sought after ingredients in one plate. A generous portion of greens in the middle, lightly dressed with lemon, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and surrounded by smoked salmon, air-dried beef, smoked chicken, calamari, roasted eggplant, olives, asparagus, anchovies, mushrooms and generous shavings of parmesan. Bursting with subtle flavors and colors, it is the ideal accompaniment to drinks or even dinner.

Angelo's Antipasti

Having heard rave reviews about their burgers, that is next on my list of foods to eat while in Kuala Lumpur.

Changkat Bukit Bintang

A narrow street in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle: Changkat can be considered the main artery of Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife. Lined with bars, pubs and restaurants, the choices are aplenty.

The Whiskey Bar

As the name suggests, The Whisky Bar is a chic lounge for whiskey and cigar afficionados. It’s ambiance comprises of teak flooring, leather chairs and dim lighting, a concept inspired by a traditional Scottish bar. This may give the impression of it being a formal space, however the warmth of the staff and its outdoor seating makes it the perfect spot for a sundowner.

Tiger Beer and Mixed Nuts

Their happy hour is from 5pm-8pm and a glass of Tiger Beer (1/2 pint) is RM10 Net, whereas a jug is RM40 Net with a side of spicy sausages and a pint is for RM20 Net. Whats more is that they provide mixed nuts on the house, which is refilled once finished. Great way to spend the evening watching the hustle bustle in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

The Whiskey Bar

Keeping up with their name, wooden cabinets are lined with bottles of the golden liquid with over 275 labels in their collection. So much so, that their whiskey menu is in alphabetical order. From a few hundred Ringgits, a connoisseur can end up spending a few thousand Ringgits as well.

The Whiskey Bar

They have a rather good collection of wines too starting at RM20 a glass for the house pour.

The Whiskey Bar

Overall with soft ballads playing in the background, it a nice and relaxed place to drop by after work or before heading out to dinner.

The Bier Bar

A refreshing new addition to the pub scene in Changkat is The Bier Bar. Right opposite The Whisky Bar this new pub differentiates itself by selling imported beers. From Stella Artois to Hoegarden, all international beers are available here. The novelty factor of this pub lies in its piece de resistance; the Eiffel Tower. It is a tower of Kronenbourg 1664 beer that can hold up to 3 liters of beer. Fancy that.

Kronenbourg Eiffel Tower at The Bier Bar

Since it just opened 3 weeks ago, their happy hour deals are its attractive feature. Selected draught beers start at RM5 ++. We ordered 1/2 a pint of Hoegarden and Kronenbourg each at RM 7.5 ++. Great bargain for such beers. The rest of the deals can be found in the picture below.

Happy Hour at The Bier Bar

Never Mine, It’s Yours

I never could understand why a bar would be called that. In fact, the first time I went there I could not figure out what the place was called, till I saw this sign above my head.

Never Mine, It's Yours

A few restaurants ahead of The Whiskey Bar on Changkat is this unassuming bar. High bar stools with tall tables with a large canopy create the Alfresco area, whereas dim lights and a large bar dominate the interior.

Never Mine, It's Yours

Up until a few weeks ago, they had a fabulous Happy Hour special, from 5pm-7pm buy one pint get 2 free, so for 3 pints you would end up paying RM28++ and from 7pm-9pm it was buy one get one free, however that has been changed now and 2 pints cost RM45++.  All cocktails however are buy one get one free from 5pm-9pm.

Beer at Never Mine, It's Yours

And if you are hungry, they allow you to order from any of the restaurants on the strip as their own menu is very limited. If you decide to do so, then opt for the Mexican Pizza from Flam’s right opposite. They make traditional French Pizzas, with a base even thinner than authentic Italian pizzas. Crunchy and delectable, a must try on a visit to Changkat.

Flam's Traditional French Pizza

Spritz Bar and Ristorante

Right across from Never Mine Its Yours is the very happening Spritz Bar and Ristorante. Sit on their al-fresco tables overlooking the street or enjoy a cosy evening on their terrace, all while their friendly staff wait at your tables.

Spritz Bar and Ristorante

Their happy hour lasts from 5pm-10pm and include the following deals:

Carlsberg Mug: RM 10

Carlsberg Jug: RM 37

Carlsberg Tower: RM 105

Corona Bucket: RM 80

Cocktails: RM 45 for two

All the above prices are inclusive of tax and service charge. They do have quite a large selection of Italian delicacies on the menu as well, from soups to pastas and pizzas. Head down there for a fun evening out.

The Ceylon Bar

A relaxing place to sit on their comfortable wicker chairs under a canopy of trees, you can spend an nice evening at Ceylon Bar. What is even better is their happy hour deals on beer and selected food

Happy Hours at Ceylon Bar


Kuala Lumpur’s affluent residential suburb is now turning into a hot spot for bars, pubs and restaurants. The cross section of roads running from Jalan Telawi are dotted with restaurants offering various cuisines and bars bustling with chatter. It is a little further away from downtown Kuala Lumpur, but worth a visit.

The Social

Located on the the leafy Jalan Telawi 3, The Social was buzzing with patrons on a Saturday evening. White chairs and sofas pitted against green palms created a serene atmosphere outside,

The Social, Bangsar

whereas the indoor bar adorned Christmas decorations. Colorful paintings added color to the walls while the lighting added to the mood of the evening.

The Social, Bangsar

They have one of the longest happy hour running from from 12pm-9pm with the promotions as follows:

Draught Beer    Glass    Pint   Jug   Tower

Tiger                   11       18      40       98

Heineken           12       19       42      100

Guinness            14       21

Kilkenny            14       21

Strongbow        16       22

Paulaner           17        23

White Wine   Glass    Bottle

Anakena       17           80

De Bortoli    18       85

Red Wine

Anakena       17           80

De Bortoli     18         85

The Social, Bangsar

The Social also has another outlet in Changkat Bukit Bintang.


A stylish and chic bar located underneath the Garibaldi, a name synonymous with Italian fine dining in Singapore. Situated on main Jalan Telawi, Garibar is hard to miss in Bangsar’s classy neighborhood. Its outdoor wooden deck with covered with green foliage is an ideal place to sit on a balmy evening.

GariBar, Bangsar

Adding to the ambiance is the fabulous happy hour that runs from 3pm-9pm and all day on Sundays. Their promotions are as follows:

Beer on Tap       Glass    Pint

Tiger                   10          17

Guinness            14           21

Paulner               17           23


Mojito             17

Margarita       17

Blue Lagoon    17

Cosmopolitan  17

Wine           Glass     Bottle

Red/White   17          80

The best part is all prices are net of taxes and service charges

Happy Hour at GariBar

And if you are hungry, their thin crust Margarita pizza is the perfect combination of cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil on a thin and crispy base. Another signature dish is the Spaghetti Aglio Olio, the flavors of which are just sublime. Fragrant olive oil seasoned with fiery red chillies, aromatic parsley and subtle garlic can trigger the senses of even the most ardent epicures.

GariBar, Bangsar

An evening at GariBar will surely be an evening well spent.


Finnegan’s Irish Pub

A true Irish pub in the heart of Midvalley. Situated between Midvalley Mall and The Gardens, this Irish pub transports you to the center of Ireland with its ambiance. Enjoy pub grub while sitting indoors or a cool beer while enjoying the breeze on its patio.

Finnegan's Irish Pub

A great place to soak up the atmosphere as well as enjoy drinks at discounted prices during their happy hour

Happy Hour at Finnegan's Irish Pub

Watch this space for more Happy Hour deals in Kuala Lumpur. These are the latest promotions available, but do confirm before going as they do tend to change over time.

For those who want their Happy Hour deals featured in this post, drop me a line on

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