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Guest Post Series Part 1: Nutella and Peanut Butter Cheesecake by Neha Deepak Shah

The first in the Guest Post Series by Neha Deepak Shah

Whenever you get a chance to read my posts, they would all be Lacto – vegetarian. I was raised being a lacto – vegetarian and thereby it has been inculcated in me, hence my recipes do not even include eggs.

It was Sunday morning and  I was craving something sweet. I looked IN my refrigerator and found some Quark cheese and some mascarpone cheese; hence a no-bake cheesecake was in order.  I love both of them as Quark cheese is low fat and Mascarpone is so velvety. Since I am a a lacto-vegetarian,  I do not use gelatin in my cheesecake, I substitute it with ‘Vegetarian gelatin’ – as it is sold in the speciality shops (it is actually carrageenan).  Use exactly the same amounts as gelatin but no soaking is required. All you have to do is beat it along with some warm water.

Cheesecake by Neha

Recipe – This recipe makes 2 3 inch cheese cakes



Digestive Biscuits / Graham Cracker – 8 (ground to a fine powder)

Melted Butter – 2 tbsp (30 g)

Filling Base

Mascarpone Cheese – ½ cup

Quark Cheese – ½ cup

Hung curd / yoghurt (hung overnight 1 cup curd = ¼ cup hung curd) – ¼ cup

Vegetarian Gelatin (Carrageenan) – 1 tsp dissolved in 1 tbsp warm water

Whipping cream – ¼ cup whipped

Powdered sugar – ½ cup

Layer 1

Peanut butter – 1 tbsp

Toasted Peanuts / Honey coated peanuts (coarsely ground) – 2 tsp

Layer 2

Choco – Hazelnut spread (I used Nutella) – 2 tbsp



Mix the powdered biscuits and the melted butter together. Spoon it in the dish you are going to present it in. I used mousse rings. Press the mixture till it is firm and compact. Freeze it for about 30 minutes.

Base Filling

In a bowl mix all the ingredients together. Use the sugar as per the sweetness desired by you.  Divide this into 2 parts.

Part 1 – Add the Peanut butter and the toasted peanuts.

Part 2 – Add the nutella.

Spoon the Peanut butter layer on the crust and level it up with a spatula. Now spoon the nutella layer and finish it by leveling with the spatula.

Refrigerate this for about 4 – 5 hous before de-moulding it. Carefully de-mould it and garnish as desired. I used chocolate coins and shavings to garnish.

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  • ila

    very nice dear 🙂

  • What a lovely looking cheesecake and without eggs, can I just say wow!!!! My older two children, as well as several friends, are vegan so this is a recipe I must try. If it comes out half as beautifully as yours I will be thrilled.

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