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Food & Travel Photography Tips: Share Your Treasures via Cooliris

For a food and travel blogger, more than half the beauty of their piece lies with the way they express their view through a camera lens. Not only do words have to adorn their blog post but pictures have to be used to accentuate the literary treasures. The internet is fast becoming a helping hand for all us bloggers, with various applications being churned out to further beautify our expressions, such as the very popular Instagram. However, with smart-phones now fast replacing traditional cameras, due to their convenience factor, the difficulty comes in when trying to search your phone to find the picture you took while eating at a hawker stall in Indonesia, maybe you added it on facebook, or it could be in flickr or simply in your camera roll. The break from this tedious chore came for me when I downloaded the free Cooliris app four months ago.

The All New Cooliris App

This free app was a life-saver, all my pictures were found in just a click of a button, It synced them all for me from facebook, instagram and my own camera roll. Not only that I embedded their beautiful 3D wall on my landing page. As a result, all my food pictures are on the front page of my wall, letting my users browse through them without having to click on every single recipe. The soothing movement of the wall is akin to the pictures swaying to the tunes of Mozart; creative genius. With its latest update, the app now features more sources such as Google Drive, Flickr, Picasa and Google+. Syncing with Google Drive makes it much easier for me when I have to post in a hurry. No more emailing the food pictures from my phone to my laptop, I can directly access it from Google Drive, the app saves pictures from all my sources onto the Drive. And the best part is new “genie” feature, which leverages image recognition technology to search photos saved in Google Drive so you can find what you’re looking for without having to manually tag photos. So, next time I can concentrate more on eating the food rather than worrying how I would post the pictures onto my blog.

Many friends are always asking for recipes via text messaging or instant messaging. Not just that, they want to see how the recipe turns out in picture form as well. Hence, with the Cooliris app it has become easier for me to share my pictures with a select few friends at any given time. It is a tried and tested app by me which has helped me with my blog. More importantly, it has helped in increasing my blog viewership as well, that is through posting my food albums on my wall and by making it available to the public.

Their new and updated app has launched to rave reviews, and needless to say it has helped me tremendously over the past few months. It is free to download, and its success can be measures by the fact that it has 1.5m mobile installs and 250m photos viewed. Share your food and travel pictures while on the go with ease now, just like I do.

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