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Kuala Lumpur Dining: Sunday Brunch at Acme Bar and Coffee

As I drew the curtains one Sunday morning, the bright rays of the scorching sun peered through my window. Basking in the sunlight, I gazed up lazily at the sky and gasped out of surprise; there was not a single grey cloud in sight. It was shocking as Kuala Lumpur is currently experiencing pre-monsoon season, with thick clouds and heavy downpours ruining most sunny days. Akin to the sunlight, a bright idea lifted my spirits and tantalized my palate; a nice Sunday brunch to enjoy the beautiful day. And to decide which place to explore was not too difficult as I had recently read the Timeout KL’s best restaurants of 2012 list; Acme Bar and Coffee was endowed with the best new restaurant award. Hence, it piqued the curiosity of my mind and appetite. As we reached the lobby of our apartment, my Sunday stupor was rudely disturbed by loud rumbling at a distance. We decided to give up the idea of strolling to the restaurant and took a cab instead. Lo and behold our sunny day was overshadowed by black clouds and the heaven opened the sluice gates of heavy rainfall.

Acme Bar and Coffee

In a leafy part of Kuala Lumpur, Acme Bar and Coffee has made its abode in the Troika building. The front of the restaurant consists of large window walls that overlook the sprawling palm trees and the skyline of KL. Instead of sunlight, we were treated to musical drops of rain that splashed loudly on the concrete sidewalk. Still it was a beautiful sight and we opted to sit next to the large window wall instead of further inside the restaurant. The tune of the rain was adding to the Christmas melodies playing in the background.

Acme Bar and Coffee

The menu came in the form of an old-school clipboard, filled with culinary gems. We decided to concentrate on the special brunch menu. Splashed with all our breakfast favorites with a twist of their own, each item looked delectable. From fritattas to pancakes to various styled eggs to the classic French toast, the menu had it all.

Breakfast Menu at Acme Bar and Coffee

We ordered our drinks first as we peered through the menu. My husband ordered his staple cappuccino while I opted to add a sparkle to my dull Sunday, thanks to the ran, by ordering a pomegranate wine cooler (sparkling wine with pomegranate juice). The strong aroma of the cappuccino filled our senses as it neared our table. The arty touch of coffee art was spellbinding. A cute way to welcome hungry epicureans.

Cappuccino at Breakfast Menu at Acme Bar and Coffee

As he enjoyed his cappuccino, I was told they had run out of wine coolers, which was rather odd. However, it gave me a chance to look through the drinks menu in detail now. What tickled my fancy was the tea section; there were exotic concoctions and brews that I had not heard off before; cucumber and mint tea, strong chocolate brew and cherry tea to name a few.

Tea Menu at Breakfast Menu at Acme Bar and Coffee

Instead of my staple mint tea, I ordered the Lychee-Coconut tea. Placed in front of me, it looked very unassuming, but it was the aroma that transported you to an island surrounded by coconut trees. To my surprise, it was not sweet but had a distinct coconut aftertaste. In short, it was simply delicious. The best part of it was, it arrived in a large mug. I usually ask restaurants to serve me tea in a mug rather than a tea-cup, but this time I forgot to ask. But still, I guess it was my lucky day.

Lychee-Coconut Tea at Acme Bar and Coffee

The grand breakfast made its way to our table. I had ordered the Salt Beef Eggs Benedict. Normally, I had eaten eggs benedict with smoked salmon but never tried it with salt beef. Placed on two English muffins were perfectly poached eggs, rocket leaves, home-made salt beef and drizzled with a honey vinaigrette. The salted beef combined with rocket leaves added an earthy tone to the eggs, complemented by the thin English muffin. The last few times I have eaten Eggs Benedict at restaurants had left me disappointed as the thick piece of bread always managed to overpower the flavors. This was perfect, enough for me to go back a second time.

Salt Beef Eggs Benedict at Acme Bar and Coffee

My husband opted for the Acme Breakfast Club. A hearty portion of 2 eggs of your choice, choice of own-made bread, breakfast meat and any 2 sides. He opted for scrambled eggs with sourdough bread accompanied by salted beef, mushrooms and hash browns. It was a complete meal.

Acme Breakfast Club

Both of us were full after such a hearty meal, but my curiosity kept poking at me and it was still pouring outside. I wanted to try something sweet. It was a toss up between their buckwheat pancakes and crispy French toast. We refrained from ordering both for the fear of gluttony. Hence, crispy French Toast won the battle. But when it arrived, we both wished we had ordered the pancakes instead. Made from brioche, the toast was crispy from the top but very dry in the middle. French toasts are best known for being moist and sweet, this one was dry and sour. However, we did not let this ruin our sweet ending, hence ate the sliced peaches instead.

Crispy French Toast at Acme Bar and Coffee

A cheery place to spend your Sunday afternoon in Kuala Lumpur with a great array of feasts to satiate your appetite. As the rain calmed down, we opted to walk off the extra calories. The day began to clear up as we left Acme Bar and Coffee and walked toward the Petronas Towers. A well deserved award for Acme Bar and Coffee, barring the French Toast. Next time, which will probably be soon, I will surely try the buckwheat pancakes, maybe they will lead to a sweet ending.

Acme Bar and Coffee

The Troika, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2162-2288


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