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Middle-Eastern Tapas: Hummus and Black Olive Tartines with Fresh Arugula

How many times has it happened when guests ring your doorbell unexpectedly or your spouse calls you at 7pm saying he has invited people over for cocktails at 8pm? If you are one of those that this happens to regularly, then you will definitely enjoy this recipe. Its quick, easy and has an exotic flair to it too. I have found myself in dire straits quite a few times when entertaining at short notices. Firstly, you are short on time and as a result your mind somehow stops working. You just cannot think of what to make and buying from stores or bakeries just seems impersonal. Just like writers block, I sometimes go into what could be described as a “cook’s block’, where I cant even remember the recipes i have cooked the most too. And honestly, it is the worst position to be in, especially when you can hear the clock ticking in the background.

Middle-Eastern Tapas:Hummus and Black Olive Tartines with Fresh Arugula

When having guests over for cocktails or hi-tea, it is usually better to make bite sized tapas or hors d’ouevres that can be eaten by hand or in a small plate. And to make life simpler for yourself, its always better to serve something that can be prepped either in advance or at the last minute without getting your clothes dirty. This recipe is one of my favorites, it gets made in no time and tastes great. Essentially, tartines are French open faced sandwiches with a rich spread. Hence following the same concept, I used a nutty Mediterranean bread with olives and sundried tomatoes and topped it with Middle Eastern ingredients. Drizzled with a splash of chili oil, this makes an explosive dish to serve at your party.

Middle-Eastern Tapas:Hummus and Black Olive Tartines with Fresh Arugula

[yumprint-recipe id=’1′] If the hummus is prepared in advance, leave it out for a while so that it is room temperature when served. Just prepare all the ingredients in advance and prep ten minutes or so before your guests arrive. This will prevent the bread from getting soggy. The crunch of the toasted bread and the fresh arugula heightens the bold flavors of this small appetizer. The earthiness of the hummus fuses well with the piquant chili oil and the strong black olives. It embodies the taste of the Levant in a few small bites.

Middle-Eastern Tapas:Hummus and Black Olive Tartines with Fresh Arugula

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