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  • LJN

    So what recipes do you have in store for Eid………

  • mehreen

    Mehreen, please add tabs for easy browsing on recipes such as
    appetizers, main courses, entertaining – soups etc it will be easy to search.

    also by any chance have you posted a recipie on tostadas? the ones you made for mahjs baby shower? feta sundired tomatoes etc they were fabulous and i would love to know how you made the tortilla base.

    loving going through the blog, keep it up and miss u!!

  • Julie Reihl

    Hello and thanks for the invite to join you blog! I share the same enthusiasm about cooking as you do as I read your “About” page. A couple of questions – is this a place where we share recipes or just chat? Obviously my website is quite similiar based on the name – Chatty Gourmet. Thanks again for the invite sounds like fun!

    • chatteringkitchen

      Thanks for visiting my site Julie. I have created a new discussion page whereby I am encouraging everyone to share tips, solutions, recipes and anything related to cooking and food. Please do contribute to it or even start up a conversation at

  • gicttaishoxia1a

    Dear admin
    Interested to place a banner on your site.
    Expensive. From U.S. $ 50.
    Please – give us a call at any time, as it is convenient for you
    tel: 38976685440

    • chatteringkitchen

      Please drop me an email

  • Sumayya Jamil

    Such a lovely blog! Well done x

    • chatteringkitchen

      Thanks Sumayya :)