Chattering Kitchen has received numerous appreciative comments from my followers across the social media, most of which are only visible to me. Hence, I am compiling a page to add the testimonials of my readers to share with the rest of my followers.

Feel free to add your own comment too.

“Thank you for this great site, and I have enjoyed several of your recipes. This one is a #1 for taste and texture. So good” – Barbi via WordPress

“Made it today for the man of the house who complained that he was hatching a cold – got rave reviews and revived him enough to watch the Lions game. Thank you for putting this up” Madi Meisner via Linkedin

“I totally adore your style and the choice of your recipes and would be honored by a little guest blog of yours”Helene via Email

Just cooked your Prawn Masala. Great spicy flavors. Didn’t have curry leaves but used dry and taste was great. thks!” – David Torrance via Twitter

“I absolutely love your website and look forward to reading your tweets/future posts.” – Angella McKeller via Linkedin

“The wonderful recipes you created as a result of this trip show your creativity and great talent for putting ingredients together. Way to go!!!” – Claudia Palombo via Linkedin

“I am really enjoying Chattering Kitchen, great, thanks”. – Desia Anne Ritson via Linkedin

“I also wanted to say how much I love your Chattering Kitchen, the set-up of the blog, the photos, but most especially the writing.”Sharon Hunt via Linkedin

“Beautiful stream of recipes and cooking!”GoLiveShare via Twitter

“This looks amazing! I love chefs that aren’t afraid to try something new. Kudos to you!” – Kimber via WordPress

“Love the visual loops of calamari! Your food posts are so well-written–honestly, calibers above most others.” – Elisabeth Ball via WordPress

“Fabulous recipes. I have been teaching cooking for over 40 years and must say that your recipes are very unique and interesting. Thanks so much for sharing them.  – Marlene Sorosky Gray Culinary Advisor at Safeway Stores via Linkedin

I stopped by your blog – what a great resource! (I’m now following on Facebook.)” – Cooking For Two via FoodBuzz

Love your posts and interests” – Summer Whitford via Google+

Goat cheese, chilli peppers, and basil samosa… YUmmmmm!” – Tammara Aguado via Google+

“Love your latest Tom Yum.” – Eleanor Hoh via Twitter

This is Rachels favorite (Pad Thai). Looks so easy, I can do it!” – Chris P Keenan via Twitter

“Well written recipes, coupled with travel tidbits makes your blog a cut above.” – Testy Hostess via Twitter

“Gosh that looks good! Definitely am going to try your recipe! Love simple!” – Shelley Holmes via Twitter

“Just Liked your FB page and added your page to our favourites. Love your site!” – Natasha & Sinead via Twitter

“Excellent writing! You sum up tastes, colors, and views succinctly, capping all with your good taste. I look forward to reading more” – Testy Hostess via Facebook

“So well done! Thank you for the step by step instructions. We are living your adventure with you. Best, Elisabeth” – Elisabeth Ball via WordPress

“Thanks for an enlightening piece. I have been to the place only once so far but next time when I go there, I would sure try to trace your steps to the beauty and grandeur the place offers. Keep writing and rocking” – Hamid Wattoo via WordPress

“I feel as if I was with you every step of the journey! Your narration is detailed and a fun read! Can’t wait to come visit” – Anicca Ahmad via WordPress

” Love you for writing this piece!! The pictures, the detail, the words, love it all!! The coloured seats were the highlights for me!!”  – Mariam Adil via WordPress

“Wow! Looks like you had an incredible time! Thank you for sharing the photos and experience with us. Hope to travel there some time.” – Free Spirit Eater via WordPress

“I found your site through FoodBuzz (which I just joined), and wow. I LOVE your site! The heading in particular is beautiful. I’m glad to have found you- I’m adding you right now to my reader, and I’d love to read more!” – Michelle via WordPress

“They are easy to make and taste lovely…..and my kids love them thanks
And the best part is I have started to enjoy cooking” – LJN via WordPress

“Thanks for the steak frites & Haricot Verts Salad recipes…loved them! I really love the way you start the recipes by giving a little detail with history sprinkled over it” – LJN via WordPress

“This tart is beautiful but not too beautiful to stick a fork in it. Yummy!!” – Maureen via WordPress

“Wow! this is wonderful….as appealing to the eyes as to the palate….which means.. yes.. i made it….I rarely make recipes i read randomly, but this one i just had to and i did” – Seema Latif via WordPress

“I find cooking theraputic and cant wait to try some of your posts which look mouth watering. Best of luck on your food journey – theres no end to this exploration” Mehreen Obaid via WordPress

“It’s always refreshing to read your poetic way of describing recipes. Super awesomeness.” – Soujanya via WordPress

“Its always better to cook up a storm in the kitchen, the results and advantages not only delicious but very rewarding and satisfying”Lubna Agha via WordPress